Windows 7 error :Windows Sync, powered by Microsoft Sync Framework

windows 7 error

Today is the long-awaited launch date of Windows 7, and on the Sync team we couldn’t be more excited, as it is the first Windows client OS to ship with Microsoft Sync Framework (”SyncFx” for short) running out-of-the-box. This special version of SyncFx is powering a new feature called Windows Sync, which allows Windows users to manage their sync relationships through a user interface.

Under the hood, SyncFx is running, and each sync relationship is being governed by custom providers that were developed to handle things like keeping contacts, calendards, notes and?tasks?up-to-date between the user’s Windows machine and their smart phone.

Are you a developer that would like to make it easy for users to manage and synchronize with data stored on your product using the brand new Windows Sync feature? Click the below link and get cracking!

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