Why Web Design Isn’t a “Set It and Forget It” Project

Web Design

Many business owners assume that web design is a one-off endeavor. But to maximize the results of your online marketing efforts, you must view web design as a long-term, ongoing process rather than something you only have to think about every few years.

Web design is far from over after you build and launch your new website. There are several tasks you must perform on a continual basis to maximize your website’s performance and ensure that your site stays ahead of the curve. Some of these tasks include adding resources, testing and tweaking your calls to action, and building new landing pages.   

The Importance of Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

If you treat web design as a “set it and forget it” project, you’ll limit your site’s sales potential. Yet, sadly, this is the route that most businesses take. They spend an enormous amount of time and money researching and planning their websites’ initial design and devote minimal resources to monitoring and improving their websites’ ongoing performance.

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In order for a website to be successful, it must adapt to the evolving needs of your business and target audience as well as the ever-changing technological landscape. So, rather than devoting the entirety of your website budget to the initial design, set aside a portion of it to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of your website.

Elements of Effective Web Design

The concept of web design being a one-off effort needs to be thrown out the window. Since the web is constantly evolving, it’s important to create a dynamic website that can be updated and tweaked on a regular basis.

An efficient ongoing web design process includes testing landing pages and developing conversion funnels. You have to determine which calls to action are the most effective, which sign-up buttons convert the best, and which page elements affect sales for better or for worse. Other ongoing tasks include updating your website’s content, ensuring that everything is operating correctly, and optimizing your website’s visual appearance.

Developing an Ongoing Relationship with Your Web Designer

Not only does redesigning your website sporadically with no investment in ongoing management keep your site from operating at maximum efficiency, it also damages the relationship between you and your web designer. If you only interact with your web designer once every few years, it makes it difficult to form a fruitful partnership because your web designer never gets to know your business on a deeper level. As a result, you might become frustrated and feel like your web designer is out of touch with your needs.

In an ideal world, the web design process would consist of a close, ongoing relationship between the client and the web design company, but not all web design companies are up for the challenge. Ocular’s talented web designers and web marketing consultants partner with you at all stages of the web design process, from initial design to ongoing management. If you want to create a website that serves as a dynamic and effective marketing tool now and into the future, contact us today to learn how our professional web designers can assist you.

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