Instant Database Table and members access application

Instant Database access

Instant Database Access software for those that require a members type database, or are looking for a solution to add a members area to your website. My Contact Table is a code generator program. It allows you to easily create a PHP/MySQL web application without writing any code. The software generates the PHP and HTML code for you.

* Create a file upload area on your site, or a database where members can login and manage their own records.
 Automatically generate a members access database with an administrator backend with just a few clicks.
 Fully support CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and HTML editor interface (login, registration and others

My Contact Table can be used for a variety of applications where you wish to store records into a web database. Perhaps you want a file upload area on your website or need to create a members access area for another area of your website.

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This means that you can allow members to register (sign up) and when they log in, they can add new records, view, search, edit and delete the records they have entered before. They can also upload related files for each record. In addition, users can choose to mark some of the records they entered as “shared”. Shared records can be viewed by other members (but can be edited only by their owners). You control file uploads, number of file uploads allowed per record, filetypes allowed, file size retrictions, managing members. “Admin” members can view and manage members and members records.

The program starts with a pre-set table and fields to use as a template for your project. You’ll see a list of the fields included in the table that you can easily modify, add or delete fields to fit your own project requirements. You have full control defining the fields for the table.

It is also easy to customize the appearance of pages using the HTML editor and control the styles through the general setting button. Just click on buttons to the left in the application as shown below in the screenshots, like “Homepage”, “Members login”, “Table fields” .. etc.

When done, just click on the “Generate pages” button, select the output folder, and voila! You’ll see a list of all generated files. You will have just created your members web application and It took less than 5 minutes. And you haven’t written a single line of code!

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