PHP MySQL Programming

About Website Databases is an internet database software development company with our focus on the open source internet development market and particularly php database scripts and applications.

Our main target platform is Linux. However, since the majority of small developers work on MS Windows systems, we develop our database scripts and software to work under the Windows environment with notepad, dreamweaver, frontpage and the like. Take a look at our latest release PHPMagic – A database software package that generates php scripts to create and manage your MySQL web database.

We accept credit card purchases through our secure order processing system that provides an excellent solution for us that minimizes our development costs, thus enabling us to offer the highest value to our clients at a very affordable price.

PHP MySQL Programming

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PHP MySQL Programming to design web databases that provides all the power and features you would expect from a professional database application.

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If your web host or current server supports PHP MySQL and you want to publish a web database right away you should take a serious look at our database software. If you are somewhat familiar with MS Access or MS Excel than building your database with PHPMagic will be very easy.

Our database software provides an intuitive user interface for easy database design. With PHPMagic if you can name a table and add some fields, the software does the rest.

WebsiteDatabases that creates the installation script to build the mysql database and all the php forms to interface with the database.